Kirby Uniform Documentation

A versatile Kirby plugin to handle web form actions.

Builtin actions:

  • Email: Send the form data by email.
  • EmailSelect: Choose from multiple recipients to send the form data by email.
  • Log: Log the form data to a file.
  • Login: Log in to the Kirby frontend.
  • SessionStore: Store the form in the user's session.
  • Upload: Handle file uploads.
  • Webhook: Send the form data as an HTTP request to a webhook.


Install Uniform via Composer: composer require mzur/kirby-uniform

Or download the repository and extract it to site/plugins/uniform.


Add this to your CSS:

.uniform__potty {
    position: absolute;
    left: -9999px;


Disable the Kirby cache for pages where you use Uniform to make sure the form is generated dynamically.


Uniform makes use of Kirby sessions. This requires a session cookie to be set.


See the answers, post an issue if you think it is a bug or create a topic in the forum if you need help (be sure to mention @mzur).